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This sites main purpose is to provide a web space for local establishments, allowing them to market/advertise and share business information, including but not limited to: Events Schedules, Menus, Specials, Coupons, etc. Secondly, this site provides a means for consumers/customers to find, browse, save, and even become alerted about the establishment data collections. Site features include: Establishment Name Search, Advanced Search, Specials/Coupon Alerts, Events Alerts, Favorites, and Event Reminders. Below each feature will be briefly covered for your usage convenience.

To use all features you must register with You can do so by clicking on sign in or my account.
No Smoking or No Smoking Section  Smoking Allowed  Serve Alcohol Food-Beverage Menu  Events Calendar Specials  Coupon Available
To help consumers find what they are looking for easily, offers very detailed searching options. To find an establishment by name, use the establishment name search. If you are traveling or want to see what else is out there in an area, you can use the State/City search. Start out by selecting your State and City, and once you've gotten to your first set of results you may use the Advanced Searching Options. These include: facility information(smoking, delivery, ATM), facility activites(pool, darts, goldentee), event type(fund raiser, band, party), event text(band name), event date(search for one or a range of dates), menu type(breakfast, lunch, kids), menu text(type of food or wine), specials text("free"), coupons text("free"), and general text().

When viewing your result set, you may see a variety of icons. Each one represents something that the establishment has, some of the icons are clickable and will take you right to that establishments area(click on menu icon to see there menu). Quick icons are: smoking, non-smoking or non-smoking area, serve alcohol, events calendar, specials, and coupons.
Establishment Specials/Coupons or Events Alerts Icon  Establishment Specials/Coupons or Events Alerts Icon Establishment Specials/Coupons or Events Alerts Icon
The Alerts Feature that offers allows users to sign up to become notified of either or both Specials/Coupons and Events additions. When an establishment adds to their specials(adds a todays special, etc) area, adds a coupon, or adds an event, an email will be generated and sent to those who opt to receive one, telling them that a specific establishment has added a special/coupon or an event. A user can sign up for both individual establishment alerts, or sign up for a whole city(sign up for those in the my account area). This means that if any establishment in the city adds one of these criteria, you'll be alerted! Just click once on the icon when you see it for an establishment and you'll either opt in for the alert, or opt out. You can also manage all alerts from your account information area.
The Reminder Feature that offers allows users to set a reminder for a particular event that is seen in an establishments events area. When you are signed in, you can click on the add to datebook icon, and that event will be stored in your datebook. You can also remove that event from the same area. Your date book is in your account information area and you can manage your datebook there too. Also in the datebook in your account information area, you can set reminder. This will then flag that event for you(marking it with the "reminder" icon), and you will recieve a reminder email either 1, 2, or 3 days prior to that event. You can manage your reminder buffer time in the date book area of your account.
The Favorites Feature that offers allows users to mark an establishment as one of their favorites. This allows for quick a quick check to your account to see all the cool places you'd like to revisit. Upon submission you can enter in a reminder about why you marked it a favorite. You can also choose to share that reminder or comment with other users. The shared comment could possibly be published in that particular establishments reviews area. This feature is used by clicking once on the icon when you see it for an establishment(on establishments About page.) You can also manage all alerts from your account information area.

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