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Bars and Restaurants in Neillsville, WI

Your search returned 16 results! You may click the link for that establishment, use any of the clickable icons (not all are clickable) to go directly to that section for the establishment, or use the filter and text options to drill down even more!
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1. American Legion Post 73
6 Boon Blvd
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
2. Brickyard (The)
203 W 7th St
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
3. Dave & Donna's
N5903 County Road G
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
4. Degan's Sports Zone
801 Hewett Street
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
5. Drippy Creek II
133 W 6th St
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
6. Fannie's Supper Club & Motel
W3741 Hwy 10
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
7. Green Lantern
231 West 7th Street
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
8. Hot Rodder's
620 Hewett St
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
9. Lake Arbutus Sports Bar
N1035 Riviera Ave
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
10. Low Riders
N2472 Hwy 95
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
11. Neillsville Country Club Inc
603 E Division
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
12. Outpost Club LLC (The)
W6991 State Hwy 95
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
13. Rooster Bar & Grill
709 Hewett St
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
14. Strike Time Lanes
11 S Grand Ave
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
15. TBK's Hideout
W7650 US Hwy 10
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews
16. Wildcat Inn
W8270 US Hwy 10
Neillsville, WI  54456
Map | Reviews

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