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Bars and Restaurants in Mosinee, WI

Your search returned 17 results! You may click the link for that establishment, use any of the clickable icons (not all are clickable) to go directly to that section for the establishment, or use the filter and text options to drill down even more!
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1. Bar Of Wausau (The)
10302 Market Street
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
2. Dave's Place
419 4th St
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
3. Disher's Tap LLC
4198 N County Road X N
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
4. Gail's Place
2103 County Road C
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
5. Hog Creek Bar & Grill, LLC
1303 State Highway 153
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
6. Lynda's Wolf Den
2410 Brooks Rd
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
7. Meyers Landing
1770 Hwy 34
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
8. Moon Saloon LLC
111 County Road O
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
9. Pat & Chrissy's 153 Pub
667 W Hwy 153
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
10. R & A Stoltz's Bar
1908 State Hwy 153
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
11. Relocation Pub & Eatery
1801 County Road Xx
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
12. Shang Garden Bar
1161 Rocky Ridge Rd
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
13. Sitko's Bar
3374 Hwy 153
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
14. Two Beers
1718 Old Hwy 51
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
15. Two's Company Bar & Restaurant
213 Main St
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
16. West End Pub
1217 Western Ave
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews
17. Winter Haven
761 S County Rd O
Mosinee, WI  54455
Map | Reviews

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