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Bars and Restaurants in Kewaskum, WI

Your search returned 7 results! You may click the link for that establishment, use any of the clickable icons (not all are clickable) to go directly to that section for the establishment, or use the filter and text options to drill down even more!
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1. 5th Quarter Tavern (The)
1257 Fond du Lac Ave
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
2. Buddies Place
1307 Scenic Dr
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
3. Geidel's Piggly Wiggly
940 Fond Du Lac Avenue
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
4. Grand Larsony
137 Main St
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
5. Hon-E-Kor Inc
1141 Riverview Dr
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
6. John's on Main
143 S Main St
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews
7. Shlufty's Inn
7499 Friendly Dr
Kewaskum, WI  53040
Map | Reviews

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